Danny Yount is a designer / director for film, digital and broadcast. He has earned many notable industry awards – including 2 Emmy wins and two nominations. As a title designer he has collaborated with top film directors and producers to create some of the most recognizable television and feature film main titles - like Six Feet Under, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes, Oblivion, Only The Brave, and Blade Runner 2049.

He is currently running his studio Prodigal Pictures, where his focus continues to be on live action and design for main titles, graphic idents and promotional campaigns.

Nice things people have said...

“As far as I'm concerned, Yount is resurrecting a lost art, a care that used to be lavished on movie titles in the glorious golden days of Hitchcock. Watch it, enjoy, and wish that more movie productions would take the time and trouble to hire an artist like him.”

“He designs with a great sense for story and with just the right amount of playfulness to keep his designs from being too serious. His reel is certainly worth seeing and then starting over and watching again. He cut it together with impeccable timing to the music that keeps you entertained throughout. A very hard task to achieve, and from the looks of it, he does it with ease.”


“…strong, graphic gestures…expressive color…perfectly synched to the soundtrack, adding style and panache to the suspensive atmosphere of the intro. The viewer is very effectively submerged in the crime plot of the film.”

Forget the Film, Watch the Titles

“His work is graphically strong but emotionally expressive and incredibly witty. Yount manages to capture the atmosphere and feeling of a film while bringing his talented and innovative panache to the table adding a certain brand of cool to the features he works on.”


“...a title sequence worthy of the late Saul Bass.”

The Hollywood Reporter

“TV’s most gorgeous opening credits sequence”

Time Magazine